HIX Soho

Sarah Lucas

Pie Mobile (I Said Kiddley Diddley Eye)
Fray Bentos tins, steel poles, electrical motor

Sarah Lucas was born in Holloway, London, 1962, and studied at Goldsmith's College. She was included in the ground-breaking group exhibition, Freeze, in 1988, and her work has been included in most major surveys of new British art in the last two decades. Her work spans sculpture, photography and installation, and is characterised by confrontational humour, sexual puns and an ironic exploration of Englishness.

In Pie Mobile (I said kiddley diddley eye), Lucas adapts the sculptural form made famous by Alexander Calder in a homage to tinned pies, lowly emblems of English culture in the post-war decades. The disks rotate to form an incongruous yet poignantly fragile constellation. A similar work from the same year cast the tinned pies in concrete, one of Lucas’s signature materials.