HIX Soho

Gosha Ostretsov

Eat the Rich
Giclee print on Somerset paper, signed and numbered 4/8, 100cm x 72.5cm

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1967. Graduated from the Theatre Art School at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow 1984. Carving out his own space within conceptualism, multi-media artist Georgii “Gosha” Ostretsov goes beyond black humor and satire, working in the vein of absurdity that has been an enduring characteristic of Russian culture. The artist’s ongoing New Government project synthesizes themes and iconography present throughout his oeuvre, providing commentary on the nature of power and despotism in post-Soviet Russia. Creating a parallel world in which artist superheroes attempt to wrest control from a reviled regime, Ostretsov himself plays various roles in the project, both masked and unmasked, including the leader of the new regime, its propaganda minister, and even social dissidents.