HIX Soho

Sanchita Islam

Toilet Drawings

Headed by artist Sanchita Islam, pigment explosion was initially set up to perform live art events in the Brick Lane area. Since 1999 pigment explosion has branched out into projects that spill into film, painting, drawing, writing and photography.
If you read Sanchita Islam’s CV her journey into the art world has been an unusual one. Islam is an artist, writer and filmmaker. She completed her BSc (econ) and MSc (econ) at the London School of Economics before embarking on a Channel 4 sponsored MA at the Northern Media School in Directing and Screenwriting, and a BA in the Practice and Theory of Visual Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design. Islam has exhibited and screened her films in London, New York, Paris, Bangladesh, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Rome, India, Pakistan and Frankfurt. She has shown at the Whitechapel, ICA and Hayward Gallery and completed over 70 group and solo shows including the groundbreaking show Schizophrenia Part one where Sanchita showed as four artists, Sanchita, Sophie, Mia and Fred. Henceforth Sanchita always shows as four people with four distinct biogs. She was artist in resident at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and artist in resident at Artscape and Shoreditch House and her art features in various venues around London such as Sketch, Mark Hix’s restaurant and she was commissioned to do over one hundred paintings for Clifton Hotel Group in Bristol.