HIX Soho

A la Carte menu

Downlaod our a la carte menu

SNAX 4.25
Moyallon pork crackling with Bramley apple sauce
A bowl of parsnip crisps
Carmarthen Bay cockle popcorn

Carlingford Lough rock oysters 2.95 each or Six rocks with spiced Sillfield Farm sausages 16.95
De Beauvoir smoked salmon ‘Hix cure’ with Corrigan’s soda bread 15.25
Steak tartare 10.95/16.75

Cornish shellfish soup with Julian Temperley’s cider brandy 7.50
Woodall’s air dried Cumbrian ham with Fenland celery and ‘Tonnix’ La Rosa vinegar 9.50
Tax’s steamed Lyme Bay prawns with hedgerow garlic mayonnaise 11.95
Whipped Elveden beets with Neal’s Yard Dairy goat’s curd and walnuts 9.25
Swainson House Farm chicken livers with hedgehog mushrooms and Kingston Black raisins 9.50
Shaved Worcestershire Brussels sprouts with Cashel Blue and hazelnuts 7.50
Eggs Benedict 8.95 /12.95
Atlantic prawn cocktail 11.95
Heaven and earth 9.95

Gamekeeper’s pie 19.50
Roast Pock Stones Estate partridge with bread sauce and rowan jelly 26.50
Kingairloch red deer shank curry with medlar pickle 19.50

Webster’s fish fingers with chips and mushy peas 17.95
Fillet of Newlyn Bay cod with parsley sauce 19.95
Grilled whole Torbay Dover sole with hollandaise 38.50
Devilled Moyallon lamb’s kidneys with roasted cauliflower and hedgerow garlic 12.50
Breaded chicken escalope with a wild herb salad 16.75
Roast Swainson House Farm barn reared Indian Rock chicken
with hedgerow garlic sauce for two to share 39.50

Launceston Barnsley chop with bubble ‘n’ squeak 24.50
Ground rib steak burger…….with or without 17.50
Hanger steak with baked bone marrow 19.95
Glenarm Estate rib steak on the bone (500g/1kg) 40.00/80.00
Glenarm Estate 75 day extra aged rib steak on the bone for two to share (1kg) 125.00
Glenarm Estate porterhouse steak for two to share (1kg) 85.00
SIDES all at 4.95
Potatoes; Tiptoe Farm buttered, chipped or mashed / Lettuce heart, blue cheese and hazelnut salad
Buttered autumn greens/Trill Farm garden salad/
Lincolnshire cauliflower cheese

Please speak to a member of staff if you require any information about allergens. Game may contain shot.
A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill

to share if you must
Ronnie’s Bramley apple and blackberry pie
Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse
Yorkshire parkin with custard
Hampshire blackcurrant posset
Temperley mess
Hix Fix jelly shot
Credit crunch ice cream with hot chocolate sauce 2.00 per scoop
Julian Temperley’s cider brandy and Venezuelan black truffles 1.25 each

Golden Cenarth with Cobrey Farm quince jelly 9.00
Barkham Blue with Hix oyster ale cake 9.00
Mossfield Organic with Yorkshire chutney 9.00
A cheesy threesome 12.00

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