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Innis & Gunn Food pairing night

Innis and Gunn Beer and Food Pairing dinner
Monday 3rd November £95 per ticket

A unique beer with a unique story, Innis & Gunn was created by chance when a whisky distiller approached them for help 12 years ago. Wanting a sweet-malty flavour to season their oak casks Innis & Gunn created a custom-made brew to rest in the whisky barrels. Thirty days on, our beer was thrown out and the whisky went in. Meanwhile, some inquisitive souls at the distillery had sampled the beer after its time in casks which had been transformed by the oak into an unusually refined brew. And the rest as they say.... is history.

Meet the Master Brewer and owner Dougal Sharp as he tells you tales of Innis & Gunn history, shares his expertise on the world of beer and how his beers have developed over the years. Dougal and, of course, our own Mark Hix, will pair the range of beers to each of the four courses proving that beer can be enjoyed with your meal just as well as any wine.


De Beauvoir smoked salmon ‘Hix cure’ and Severn & Wye smoked eel with Sharpes Express potatoes and horseradish
Innis & Gunn lager

Pock Stone Estate grouse, Yorkshire crouton and elderberry salad
Innis & Gunn Original

Braised Glenarm estate ox cheek in Innis and Gunn with late summer vegetables
Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA

Rum finish doughnuts with blackberries
Innis & Gunn Rum and Innis & Gunn Irish Whisky finish

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